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kanYeWest!!! Late Registration!

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to begin, discuss, or end this post, because I’m too busy thinking about how much I just genuinely love this album. We are special, so we have had a chance to listen to the whole new album, and let me just say that when it drops on the 30th, you need to get to the store in the morning and get it. Get home and just set it on repeat, all day. Kanye stepped up the collaborations on this one, as expected, and the entire album is just a massive maturity and musical step up from the last album, even though the last one was great. If we had a rating scale of $ to $$$$$ I give this a $$$$$$. No, really. It’s that good. “Drive Slow” with Paul Wall is such a smooth track…“Crack Music” with The Game is fresh, “Addiction” is a really dark track but nice beats. “Gold Digger” and “Diamonds”, the first two singles are of course perfect as well. I also really like “Heard ‘Em Say”, with Adam Levine from Maroon 5. I wasn’t sure how that would work but it did - this song is probably the closest to anything on Kanye’s first album. But anyways, the highlight of the album, in my opinion, is “We Major” with Nas. Wow. It is an incredibly ‘lush’ sounding song. So much going on, very classic hip-hop sound to it. Anyways, Ben probably has a few things he’d like to add about Late Registration, so you’ll probably see us talking this album up a bit more in the coming weeks. Check out the track listing here. Either way, one of the albums of the year, hands down. But please, do not email us asking for the album. We will not send it to you. You need to go buy it on the 30th, just like we’re going to do, and everyone should do. Much respect to Kanye, who hopefully checks THE BRILLIANCE religiously on a daily basis. I’m sure he does. I mean, come on. It’s a celebration bitches!!! ***And please check this video clip out - BENJAMIN