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Kanye Splitting the Grammy stage in half & Lemur Pads!!!

Watching Kanye tear down the Grammy was too fresh. He is seriously putting on a show ahead of his time. Seeing Daft Punk give a glimpse of what they do was crazy too. Was anyone else amazed at those pads they were messing around with. I dunno about others but its kind of boring when you go out to a spot and the DJ just has their laptop & Serato that program that allows DJs to just play their iTunes library using turntables as the controller. But I always thought that was the tip of the iceberg, as it turns out these Lemur pads are the iceberg. I guess multi-touch technology really is the �Jetsons-esque� wave of the future. Word is you can customize the graphics and the pads are totally functional. The customizable drum pads trigger different sounds and actually make loops on the fly. This is way more exciting to watch then just clicking away at a laptop. Who ever starts programming/remixing music live like that will really go back to the future. It’s 2008 and we still don�t have Jetsons cars�least iPhones are out and these Lemur things are available for purchase. Now�.where can I find that LED light jacket�