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Juve and the 9th ward video shoot.

This is pretty intense right here. I have been into Juvenile for a minute…I remember seeing the ‘Ha’ video thinking ‘whoa, that’s a rough area.’ But I loved how it was shot. Anyway though…he is back in the NO to film ‘Get Ya Hustle On’ for is new album. And it’s not just some stock footage of the area, Juve is actually in the devastated 9th ward. So wild, so, so wild. I don’t even know what the correct way to say it would be but…’props’ to him for doing this. For real. He has been so vocal about his feelings regarding the disaster and his stand-point on federal response. Check the first little clip for the video in the news article at the link below. Just the little clip is nuts…complete devastation and some pretty intense imagery. Our hearts, prayers, and condolences STILL go out to the people of New Orleans.