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Just got that Treo 700p!

I finally got it. Little late to make a post…as it’s been out for a minute and the nerds are already talking about how the Treo 950 should have 3D text messaging, a 1.6 teraflop processor, and be made from entirely from nano-tubes. Anyway, I got the first Treo 600 like literally almost 3 years ago…had the 650 for like 3 days and now the 700p. I love these gadgets…seriously are like ingrained into my life. If there is a signal, I’m using it. I remember one time I was emailing Nat of ASF from the straight-up jungle in Haiku on Maui…ha. Why? I don’t know…I just love mobile email, and there was a signal. Who cares?! Anyway…the phone is nice, and they weren’t joking with the whole EVDO thing. My father and I share one of those EVDO Sprint Cards which are nice…but having it with you at all times right on your phone is nuts. Downloading 1mb comps that chuck sent me in like 30 seconds…then being able to zoom and drag them in full color. Kind of nuts. I mean, sure, I really wanted the Q…but this is the next best thing for the Sprint people. Kind of a pointless post…THE BRILLIANCE loves the Treo 700p.