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Junk food!!

First off, I do go to the gym and exercise fairly regularly. Is junk food helping? No. No it’s not. But oh well…some of this junk food is just…so artificial and so terrible for me that it’s actually really good. Let’s start with these Snyder’s of Hanover preztel bites. I had the jalapeno ones before and the honey mustard ones, they even have buttermilk ranch ones. But - wait - wait for it. HOT BUFFALO WING PREZTEL BITES!? I just went to the gas station to get a big energy drink (it’s late and I have to stay up and work) and a snack. After grabbing my usual, Combos, I saw these delececies…I mean…Hot wings are the best food in the world to begin with. But make it $0.99 and in little pretzel pieces and I mean…that’s perfection right there. Junk food at its finest. A quick rundown of a few other gems that you will enjoy eating but feel terrible about after you finish them include Haribo’s gummy bears (the best kind…the other kinds are too mushy or powdery. What’s with powdery gummy bears!?), white chocolate Kit-Kat bars, Charleston Chew bites, leftover frozen pizza that is not reheated…I mean…I could keep going on…Slim jims are another favorite…the occassional Krispy Kreme as a quick snack hits the spot sometimes…anyways, that’s all for this month’s nutrition lesson with THE BRILLIANCE, or as I like to call it, Web 3.0. I’ve never called it that actually. Hey, Ben’s post below is a lot more interesting than this. So read it now, tubby. ***Great topic. I’m big into the 2 for $.99 bag candies…the cherry sours and the cinnamon bears. Mambas are good, more bang for the buck. For chips, don’t skimp and go with the off brands – they taste terrible. For you ballers, the $5.99 bag of buffalo jerky chicken, pretty good stuff. What else – Cow Tails? How could I forget those. Swedish Fish, Screamin’ Sour Gummies from Jolly Rancher, Hostess Apple Pies, Hot Tamales, Apple Powerbars, Shock-tarts…this list could go on. I love junk food, seriously. - benjamin