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Jungle Bay, Dominica!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a vacation/hotel type post. I’m really into this place for two reasons: (1) It’s super cheap $139 a night. (2) It’s in the jungle right off the ocean. Who doesn’t like the jungle…come on? All sorts of weird plants, animals that can attack at any moment, waterfalls, secret hatches, ‘others’, polar bears, etc…Lost…no? But honestly, this place is quite nice…just got a really positive write-up in Islands Magazine. Very eco friendly with its tree-house type rooms nestled right into the jungle…a beautiful pool over looking he ocean, spa packages for you and your lady, on-site restaurant. I’m just into the whole jungle-island-tree-house-hut-resort thing…and at a price you cant beat. I wonder if you can surf in Dominica?