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Jonathan Borofsky’s work!

I’m actually just about to leave, in like 26 minutes, to go meet with Chuck to go check out Borofsky’s installation and other works at the Frederick Meijer Gardens…again. I checked it out for the first time yesterday, and really kind of fell in love with his stuff. I really love larger installations - the classic white room as the canvas - just really love it. His work has a very obvious ‘human’ theme to it…but its also very, innocent I suppose, or maybe hopeful. That’s the feeling I walked away with afterwards. I love the engineering that has gone into his stuff as well, the translucent polycarbonate/plastic is really pretty amazing, and the way the different colors (or people?) interact with each other at his installation here in town is quite beautiful, just visually…take whatever meaning from it you might, you know? Alright, I gotta go meet Chuck at Buffalo Wild Wings.