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John Houshmand’s Organic Urban!

Thanks to Mav for reminding me of this guys stuff… I really love some of his work. In fact, Item No. 0026 (see image) is one of those pieces you could design a whole room around. It would stark white room, off-set by the ‘powerful’ or maybe ‘strong’ looking stuff John does. His stuff blends so well with the whole super-white, super-stark, super-modern, super-unnatural spaces that I have grown to love. His trademark is of course the blend of glass and steel with super ‘heavy’ looking vertically cut tree trunks… I could get all ‘art-student’ about his work, but I’ll just let you check his site before I embarrass myself. He also has a 5000 sq ft show room on the ‘cusp of Soho and Tribeca’ (cusp?!)… Check his slightly annoying site and his store. THE BRILLIANCE! loves this guys stuff. Thanks again to Mav.