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Jim Jones in Mass Appeal!

First off…I’m going to start posting more. A lot more hopefully. That’s just what’s up….anyway. Jim Jones. Love what this dude is doing, so…new. His interview in Mass Appeal is superb as well. Mass Appeal takes him to get a facial at some posh spa in Manhattan and proceed to do the photo shoot and interview while he is getting ‘slathered with moisturizer and seaweed’ by three polish women…James Bond status. The photo shoot is really fresh man, props to Mass Appeal…Jim is so photogenic. But what stood out the most with me are the comments Jimmy made about a young Harlem kid who wanted to work with him but didn’t rap or sing. Jim offered him a job as an assistant / driver for all his daily transportation needs…Jim then went on to explain in detail to this young lad that the Dips as a business are always using an outside driver service for artists/execs/employees/etc and that he should start his own driver service and in-turn he would get all that business. Maybe I am too easily amused, but that is business right there. Jim is doing pretty incredible things as a true business man in the industry. I don’t necessarily like all his music, or everything he has to say…it’s quite insightful to listen to things like this. The rest of the article is good as well. ’…on 45th and Broadway!...’