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Jil Sander Marble Print!!!

It dropped. Chicago may not have alot of stores but we got one of the best, a full on Jil Sander boutique. The second I saw this print on I was like….there goes another one. So after taking something like a 5 year break, I am back onto wearing button down shirts. This is an extreme re-entry point but I can’t get over how fresh this is. See the main reason I hopped off button downs was because everytime you’d go out and see dudes with vertical stipped button downs and collars spread super apart super far I was like I need to dress the complete opposite of that. I am all about the stuff that’s a touch crazy so this works. There’s ways to make it work, trust me….I won’t hold it against you if you don’t believe me tho. Least I don’t gotta worry about everyone else at the bar looking like me, ha.