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Jet Blue, that private feeling!!

Ha. My verdict is in. Jet Blue is my favorite airline along with Singapore Airlines. Who knew the glory days of flying were when I was a kid. Everything has been cheapened on all the major airlines. So evidently, the cheap airlines are where it’s at. It’s like Jet Blue accepts its position and puts their money where the CONSUMER wants it. Free internet & tons of power outlets(!!!) at the terminal, unlimited drinks and snacks, Direct TV, XM radio and legroom!! Judging by flying any other airline you’d think Jet Blue are a bunch of rocket scientists. I am a fan how the screen savers on the do-it-yourself check in kiosk says, “What’s up?” too. Jet Blue is new to Chicago so I am technically not late on this. All in all Jet Blue is cool, the founder is even hip enough to do the Superman, Youuuuu!