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Jelly Fish by City Aquarium!

This is nuts right here. It’s weird cause I was just doing research on what it takes to have Jelly Fish in a home aquarium. It isn’t easy. So this company/firm called City Aquarium does just what their name would suggest…they have some insane work they have done. Check their site for more pictures and info. But this particular one which is located in NYC at a bar called ‘Duvet’ (club names are so corny, for real) has a massive but perfectly minimal live Jelly Fish tank. Has this crazy blue glow to it with Jelly Fish wafting around. Too fresh. Something very ‘looming’ and ‘quietly dangerous’ about Jelly Fish. I don’t know. They are like minimalist killers. If they had condos, the Jellies, they would have polished concrete floors…or maybe even resin floors and some sparse but well placed Eames furniture. But since Jelly Fish don’t have condos…uh. Check the site. Info via