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Jean Touitou interviews.

I swear I look forward to Jean Touitou interviews like sports fan look forward to playoffs. They're so good. Every one of them. I love how APC is more of "concept" than it is a fashion label...a 30+ year old company, 100% independent (though there was a PE firm involved at one point), with one of the least "fashion guys" in the fashion business as its founder, owner, and creative voice. Jean Touitou is the kind of guy I really wish was my uncle, etc. Can you imagine the family gatherings?! Anyway, he just did, yet another, perfect interview with New York Times...but it reminded me to go back and check his old ones and pull a handful perfect quotes from him:

"Maybe it’s too difficult to make them look great, or maybe I’m just lazy on this subject. But sweatpants sort of show disrespect for the people around you."

"Without that, I wouldn’t be have been able to keep being arrogant with bankers, which is my little pleasure in life. I have to say I have this weakness." – on owning the building APC's HQ is in.

"A guy that looks too fashionable is not sexy for even one quarter of a second. All girls will tell you this, and all gay men will tell you the same."

"If you think my work is French...I don't see why you'd think its French. ...Well, its true its not Italian."

"Its difficult to make a living out of doing garments...stylish garments that is. I mean, its easy to make to make a shit load of money with ugly garments."

"I do not belong to celebrity culture. If people only knew what actresses are paid to sit in the front row at the shows in Milan or Paris, they would want to kill somebody."

"At dinner, I like to drink two cocktails and a glass of water. I smoke when I feel like smoking. I never buy cigarettes; I just pinch other people’s. It’s too good not to do it, and I’m lucky not to be addicted."

"The rock star who uses a personal stylist to dress him should go to jail. If you’re doing rock and roll, you should know how to dress. You shouldn’t need to hire anybody."

The more interviews you read, the more of an APC "nerd", to use his words, you become...the funnier these quotes get. Anyway, check the latest interview with him below.