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Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3. I’m listening!!

What a tradition this has become for me. I remember all the way back in high school in my parents Ford Tarus in the parking lot of Best Buy ripping the wrapper off (putting the windows down like he suggested) and throwing in a new Jay-Z album. Before ever having heard any of the tracks, like early internet. I remember making one of my first paid-for websites in high school listening to Jay tell us that if we wanted to get down all we needed to invest was our time. (Paperchase is STILL one of the CRAZIEST songs, seriously.) Man oh man, Jay-Z is a business mentor of mine, indirectly, you know? Like, “I didn’t got to college, I just listened to Jay-Z albums.” I’ll stop gushing. I haven’t even listened past 4 of these new tracks and I know its another one to remember - and like most his works, its not to be compared to a previous album, each one is brand new, listen to it accordingly! Ha, he’s killing me, he said: “If you like my old stuff, buy an old album.” Raise your champagne glass, or diet coke can for me this morning, and toast to Jay-Z lets get it and like he said: “never let ‘em see you frown, even smile when you’re down.”.