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Jay-Z @ HOB Chicago…yeah, we’ll be there!

My man. I mean, how many Jay-Z posts have I made? Just a few more than I have about Steve Jobs. And you know what’s wild? I’ve never seen him perform. In fact, I had nice floor tickets to the Madison Square Garden “Fade to Black” show, yeah THAT show…and I sold them on eBay for a very, very tidy profit. Jay would have been proud right? Ha. That won’t be happening with these tickets for tomorrow’s HOB show. Are you kidding me? Only like 1,000 tickets sold? Such a small spot, not a bad seat in the house. After all these years, finally getting to see Jay perform…no shame in sounding fan-boy…I can’t wait man. Just thinking about it has me reminiscing about skipping homework and freelancing during high-school listening to Jay-Z. Ha, that internet hustle if you will. So yeah, check for Virgil and myself signing each and every word to each and every track. ***I think there are tickets still for sale on, yikes!!! Check the link…