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Jay-Z: Fade To Black, old news!!

On some messageboard, some bonehead was making fun of how and what we post, and said something about how we post old news. Well you know what? I thought, so? THE BRILLIANCE loves old news! It’s our new tagline. Not really, but still. Everyone wants the newest news but I say, it’s OK to review or talk about something that happened or was news a while ago. This isn’t even that old, but if I didn’t put this disclaimer in, fools would say “That dude is NOT up on the freshest news.” So anyways, now that I’ve taken up half the post with my rant…I just watched the Jay-Z “Fade to Black” DVD for the first time the other night. And I really ‘got it’. I really understood after watching it why Jay is the powerhouse artist and executive that he is. The people there had the same passion for him and his music that people back in the 60’s had for the Beatles. Screaming and obsessing, happy and honored to be there…It was the same thing, only for the hip-hop world. I just found it really inspiring and wanted to post about it. If you haven’t seen it, at least go rent it and check it out. It’s so cool to see behind-the-scenes stuff, ESPECIALLY stuff like Timbaland, Pharrell, and Kanye showing Jay their beats for the first time. I told Ben it’s like these producers show up with a big bag of tricks and go through them one by one until Jay was like ‘that’s it man. That’s it.’ The inspiration though is what got through to me. The time, consistency, determination, effort, and passion it took to get from Marcy to Madison Square should be influential to anybody who is trying to be successful and get their name out there - not just in music and rap, but anything creative. THE BRILLIANCE. We love old news.