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Jay’s new one, Magna Carta

Not even trying to do a long review cause honestly at this point, what else could one of his albums be but good? Question is just like how good? Almost feel like I should be critical, like I just instantly like all his stuff for the most part. The whole Samsung thing was kinda weird, whatever. But shit, let me say this: a large portion of the people critiquing him, saying he’s selling out, will work the majority of their hours awake doing something they aren’t even passion about for $75K-$125K a year. He got $20M for a mutually advantageous distribution deal doing something he loves… ... ... ... ...

Back to this too short album review: **Stand out for me off the bat was the Rick Ross track. I love that Jay knows how to integrate someone like Ross so well, man, just ride around playing that song while planning a vacation to Europe, right? “Shopping bags, I’m a tourist…” *After that, the Frank Ocean one is perfect - love the visuals. *Tom Ford, he’s still got such a perfect sense of humor, you know? Someone asked me like, what does molly have to do with him wearing Tom Ford - how do they even relate? It’s like…exactly, they don’t. LOL. *Best line??? Hmm, “Yellow Basquiat in my kitchen corner, go ahead lean on that shit Blue, you own it.” Ahhh, he paints the picture perfect, more ways than one. **Bunch of other super good ones, grab it…

***And!!! Yimmy Yayo did all those videos, #too #current