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Jamie Foxx ended up at the Embassy!

I had one too many drinks…and ended up at the Embassy. I’m not a huge R&B fan…just, not huge on the slow jam stuff. Or the corny love song stuff you know? I like John Legend and D’Angelo, that’s pretty much it. But I felt like Jamie Foxx needed a quick write-up…mostly because he is just undeniably talented. Quite the voice…and its dope over Kanye production, but that’s expected. I’m really feeling the track ‘Extravaganza’. His hook sounds perfect, good story telling…and Kanye has a couple funny lines on it. Either way though, I like to see someone like Jamie Foxx do his thing. Even though he has been around forever with the acting stuff, I view him as somewhat of an ‘underdog’. Check the full album below…free and legal listen.