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400 small

It’s like a small cruise ship that goes anywhere you want!

That title is hilarious to me… If you read the site…you know I have this slight obsession with tropical island destinations. If you don’t read the site, then let me tell you, I have a slight obsession with tropical island destinations. I love the idea of some crazy little island like you see on that one Windows wallpaper. Tiny, stark white sand (with no seaweed or shells!), palm trees, water that looks fake, and maybe water-falls in the jungle or something. So here’s what this post is about: chartering a sailboat. I guess it just never crossed my mind. But I’m loving this concept…seriously. You land in like St. Thomas or wherever, they transport you to the marina, you hope on a HUGE catamaran yacht, go wherever you want, eat whatever you want for 7 days. They take care of everything. They can take you to out-of-the-way beaches, deserted islands, ‘secret’ spots…etc. And you can stay there as long as you want, or move on, or whatever. I mean, I guess this is all kind of obvious to people who know what charters are… What’s crazy, is you could get 6-10 people on a huge yacht for about $1200 per person. Not bad really if you think about it. Check the link below for a cool yacht charter search…pricing, pictures, and everything. Rrrrr…salty sea brine. ***Sorry team, the company I was linked to on this asked me to ‘remove the link to our site’ for no reason. Sorry dewdski, our extremely travel-savvy and well-heeled readers will look else where!