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415 small

It’s 66% blimp and 100% flying, new, and really big!

So I get this link email from Chuck…why did I read this one out of the 100+ emails he sends me every hour? I don’t know…I just had a good feeling. Jokes. Honestly, this is a really interesting concept. Quick rundown, a 2/3 helium filled solid structure flying machine that takes off like a helicopter, runs on electric powered by ‘green’ fuel-cells, travels at a top-speed of 174mph, and can transport…get this…a whole years worth of product for say, a Walmart store. So it’s not built yet, and the company who is trying to do make it happen is privately funded…but he has apparently already gained the interest of the cruise ship industry. Real quick…the whole ‘sizzle’ on this is that its supposed to be a luxury cruise ship in the air…very similar to the flying pirate ship in that one level in Super Mario 3, just with less cannons and bullets with eyes and mouths. But honestly, my whole interest in this thing…is that it could pickup product at a central distribution center in India, China, etc…and then deliver it directly to another US based distribution center in like 1/4th the time it takes today…and do it with little to no pollution. Seriously…that’s bananas. Tell them you heard about it on the brilliance.