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Is that 50 or Jay-Z? Naw baby it’s Thug!

I seem to be finding a lot of new favorite music lately, but southern hip-hop is hooking me like nothing else. Specifically Slim Thug. If you haven’t heard my personal favorite track “Incredible Feelin’” yet, you’re missing out…And if you haven’t heard the Slim Thug ft. Jay-Z remix of “I Ain’t Heard Of That”, you’re really missing out. I should note that Slim was Jay’s first collaboration outisde of retirement in the south. Very hot…not to mention Slim is more than just a rapper. Real estate, car dealerships, two record stores - he’s also got the entrepreneurial side that so many rappers lack. His new album, Already Platinum, drops July 12. Check this site for a good write-up about him too. Anyone reading this with the hookup want to send us an advance copy!?