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iPod video!

Ehh…not really ground breaking…the Nano was more exciting. The thing is kind of wide too, almost too wide. So yeah, you probably read it already, but the Apple iPod is now video capable. 320 x 240 screen, plays both music and videos which can be purchased using the new iTunes 6.0. There will be 2000 music videos available for download right away and they cost $1.99 a pop. Not a bad price really. There are a million questions and all that already…will it be a replacement for the current iPod, will the new iTunes compress tv shows or tivo stuff, can I return my Nano, etc… Engadget will be your best resource for all that. It drops next week with a 30GB model for $299 and a 60 for $399…also you can get it in white or black. Steve Jobs…when the dude speaks he brings websites down. No joke. ***And for all the emails I got after my first post about this…I guess I was right!