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iPod Nano! I mean…

Yeah, you already heard about it, whatever. First of all, the name is kind of wack, its like…I don’t know, just too chess/computer club status for me. But regardless of what you think about anything…Steve Jobs is the ultimate technology-branding-hustler-extraordinaire. Half these lifestyle technology companies announce their products 6-12 months before they drop…so stupid. The competition gets the jump on them and the market is diluted by the time they drop. See the cell phone market. But Mr. Jobs drops products the same day he announces it to the public. Bananas. Gets people so caught in the hype, including myself, and gives them direct access to it. A sort of exclusivity for the masses…only in comparison to his competition, which is pretty much non-existent. Either way… This thing is beautiful, it really is. I want to see the black design in person. Props where props due. Steve Jobs is Willy Wonka.