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Inka Essenhigh!

I first discovered Inka Essenhigh’s work in a book called Vitamin P, a book published by Phaidon Press about modern painting, which is seriously one of the best books I own. I highly recommend grabbing a copy. Anyways, Inka’s work stood out from the rest in the book, which is a lot to say considering she was alongside people like Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and many others. I personally enjoy her older work more, check out “Images” then 2000 on the site. Abstract and objective at the same time, I’d hesitantly call her style a more modernized Dali…But on any note, it’s original and beautiful to say the least. If anyone has contact information for Inka, please send it my way at Inka’s work is currently being exhibited at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.