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Incredible architecture and design 2006

I love interior design and architecture, modern design in residential homes but still with that warm-homey feel, not too sterile…Just the idea of a place that people live in being a piece of art in itself is such a fascinating thing…the best place online to begin, in my opinion, is always MocoLoco. I get a good majority of my information and knowledge from that site when it comes to this topic. Anyways, here are a few sites that really stood out to me and truly feature some homes and places I would love to call my own. First off, A Modern. A Modern is a small firm of architects and builders in the Atlanta area that build, create, and design modern houses and buildings. Beautiful stuff on there, please do yourself a favor and check the 2004 photo gallery… That house looks so fun, so nice. Next, check Krueck + Sexton. Amazing architecture based here in Chicago…they’ve won tons of awards, their work is classy, modern, fresh…all of that…PZY Architects...whoa, check, out ‘5’ on the bottom there…beautiful, clean lines, comfortable living spaces…Last, check Ulterior Mode. I mean, wow…check out everything, but really check out ‘Kinzer’ under ‘A’. You’ll see what I mean when you go there. That’s all…I have to go to bed. I had chicken wings for dinner and a ton of rasberry iced tea while I watched The Aristocrats. It just came out today, pretty funny…but don’t watch it around little kids or anything like that…Bob Saget. Ha.