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Ikea PS?

Shout out to Peter Williams for the info on this one. First off, I am quite a fan of Ikea. No, the quality is not very good…just how it is. But if the veneer on your black Lack table gets faded…just buy another one. It was only like $15.50 or whatever. So Ikea launches this new line/project called Ikea PS. They took 28 designers and gave them the question of ‘What if?’ and then let them run with it. I’ll be honest, some of the products are a bit confusion. Some, like the Duvhult bamboo coat/hat rack, are quite nice. So are the ‘sock pillows.’ I could see myself falling asleep on the sofa with those on then trying to jump up to answer my phone or something…like somebody tied your laces together or something. So yeah…lots of interesting materials, interesting design, interesting applications. Ikea continues to innovate and move things forward while making their product beautifully accessible to everyone. Honestly though…the website design/layout/navigation is pretty bad.