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“Starting something.” I’ve only had like 1 regular “job” in my whole life, and even that was start-up that only had 7 employees when I started - 160 when I left. I have zero college education. Got held back a grade in school. I don’t have a resume. Never really done a job interview. And in the last 5-6 years almost every thing I work on I was part of the creation of or the actual founder. Lots have failed - some are doing good. Some are just getting started. Some I’m just dreaming about a lot. This is going to be one of those random, rambling, drifting posts, but whatever I feel like its important to write this stuff. All the kids out there like me that simply cannot do something they don’t love - we’re all on some sort of team together. Kids who insist on figuring out how to live off the ideas in their heads. Kids who lose sleep off the hope and hustle of never having a “job” but instead having an amazing life that pays for itself. I’m there right now, …again. I just started another new project, tiny right now - more on it to come in the future, but I’d forgotten what those first few days after launch feel like. Taking something from: IDEA -> PROJECT -> BUSINE$$. Or as I call it, “from photoshop to real life.” It’s so wild. Especially in an area that me and the co-founder know NOTHING about. I’m almost convinced now that knowing nothing going in is an asset. Doing something new requires new thinking, no??? Anyway, thats my post, man. My hat off to all you guys - I’m honored to be on the same team with you. The “kids doing stuff” team.