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I want my BBC!

My musical attention span is like .2 seconds and for as much time I spend sitting in front of a computer screen I need new music regularly. iPods are great but I can’t refresh mine fast enough. Funny thing is my solution predates ipods to when I had the same issue with my super-hyped mini disc player. One day I came across the Gilles Peterson show and have rarely missed a weekly show in 3 years. His show connects the dots playing tracks from soulful hip-hop, broken beat to obscure jazz greats. His show is a lesson in music. I basically learn as much as I listen. But the BBC doesn’t stop there. If your are like me and feel like your missing out on the whole NYC mixtape radio listen to Tim Westwood. Once you get used to his humor its actually very entertaining and hilarious. Make your way on to 1xtra too. All the hip-hop
shows are money. Don’t pass up the Garage section either, its where you can here what the UK kids are up to…I’ll do a proper Grime/UK hip hop post later. The clutch thing about the BBC radio shows is that they are new every week and the fact that the music is presented, not just played, it makes a difference. Listen, you’ll get the gist.