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I’ve been drinking Kombucha tea…

I’ve also started playing ultimate frisbee 4 times a week, constantly talking about how much I love Rainbow brand sandals, wearing blown glass medallion necklaces, and the scent of patchouli is like…totally my essence right now. ***Wow, just kidding on all those - sorry, the drink has a very hippie-vibe following. Except the Kombucha tea, which I have indeed been drinking over the past couple months. My local downtown market has it and all the friendly guys that work there have suggested I try it…so I got into it. I don’t know if its actually helping me health-wise to the degree that people suggest it will…but it does seem to work wonders on a hangover. The process of making the drink, and the end resulting taste is interesting. It’s a sweetened tea that is fermented using bacteria culture…so I guess its actually classified as a ‘raw food’. Kind of weird, but not as weird as the strong vinegar taste it has, or the weird floaty things in it that look like jellyfish. Ha…I can’t imagine any one wanting to try it after my description here. Anyway, its one of those random, niche products, that we tend to cover here on THE BRILLIANCE. So yeah…anyone else out there drink it?