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I think I like Jacek Yerka’s art.

Ha @ the title of this post. Anyway, yeah…his work is really, really…engaging. I’ve spent the last 20-30 minutes just trolling thru his work trying to figure out if its ‘my style’ or if i really dig it. And I think I do. I have always been drawn to the more trippy and far-out stuff. Actually, more specifically, I’ve always been drawn to art that creates worlds that are trippy and far-out. Let’s my imagination (however child-like, you know?) really wander with the idea. Jacek Yerka’s work is exactly that. Definitely has a bit of a children’s book feel to it - kind of whimsical with softer edges and colors. So yeah, if you’ve never seen his stuff, check it out at the link below. Read the ‘How do I create my paintings’ write-up. ***After looking at his stuff more…I’ve moved it from ‘thinking I like’ is work to ‘knowing I like’ his work.