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I shoulda known…Dash Dogs x LTL!!!

Still on the architect side of things, it always great when you stumble upon great design, make a mental note, then months later realizes so-and-so did it. That’s the case for Dash Dogs, the best hot dog stand in the world and I am from Chicago a hot dog capitol. The design is so utilitarian and seems to reflect the streets of the Lower East side. Using the same palette materials found along the street steel and concrete it’s pretty slick and an exercise in awesome detailing. So yesterday when I was searching Dash Dogs on the net I realized that it’s a Lewis Tsurumaki Lewis project. Fitting…they have New York trendy restaurant design on lock. Just check out the rest of their portfolio. So next time your strolling Rivington, stop in and get the “Alife” hot dog on the way to Alife. It’s good. Avocados can do no wrong in my book.