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I’m throwing a Muxtape party!!! (beta v1.1)

I love Muxtape. I love how it got on the hipster’s radar so quickly…like, “Whats your Muxtape address dude? Oh…you don’t have one? Oh…” ha. Maybe not that bad. But I love how the founder, Justin, created such a ‘niche’ little product and marketed it well enough (ie. aligned with Jakob Lodwick) to the point where it carried social must-have-one cache within a week of its launch. Enough compliments. So yeah, I’ve been preferring more thrown-together social gatherings over bars lately. It’s just hard to build community at a bar you know? I know that sounds weird, but thats what the social scene is all about…building community. Plus I love blending scenes…and how better to do that than music, you know?? So I hit up my friend Rob like “Hey man, I want to throw a Muxtape party where everyone who shows up needs to have a pre-made Muxtape with a four track maximum on it…and everyone will get to be DJ for a bit of the night.” Super simple. And its all going down this Friday at my friend Kevin Hockin’s loft here in downtown GR. We did a little Facebook event and invited our friends from all sorts of different scenes, demographics, etc. with the theme of ‘DANCE, DANCE, DANCE’ and nothing more. Make a Muxtape that’ll get people in the dance zone…and get creative with it, hit everyone with stuff they’ve never heard before…meet new people. We got a big PA for the sound and a projector to throw each Muxtape on the wall super huge so everyone doesn’t have to scream over the music ‘yo, who is this?!?!’ Like the title says…I’m disclaiming this one as ‘beta’ so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll report back…with Flickr updates as well. I’m just trying to use the internet in ‘real life’ more often…