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I’m out!!

I’ve not posted in quite a while…it’s not that it’s hard to do or that I can’t come up with anything, but I’ve just been sidetracked with moving, working, and…oh yeah…getting married and leaving the country for like 2 weeks. Keeping in mind I’ve not gone without a computer, Blackberry or email for more than like a weekend in years…it’s an unsettling feeling, but it’s going to be good to break away from screens and technology for a while. I’ll be kicking back in beautiful French Polynesia, specifically Moorea for 4 days and then Bora Bora for 4 more days…with a brief stop in LA before we head out of the country. No doubt it will be the trip of a lifetime and certainly one of, if not the best place for a honeymoon. So yeah - I’m sure I’ll have a recap of what life is like on island time in a few weeks…until then… check out some pictures of where me and my soon-to-be wife Holly will be in a few days…And maybe when I get back I’ll even have some shots of Ben and Virgil dancing together at the wedding…maybe not though..