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I’m listening to baile funk!

My music taste goes is such waves. One month I can’t get enough of Babyshambles, month before that it was random screwed and chopped tracks, then The Beach Boys, then back to The Specials, then electronic music, and an ever present amount of Jay-Z, etc, etc. I just love switching it up I guess…maybe cause I used to listen to one style of music like super intense for months at a time. Anyway, my new addition as of the past few months has been this baile funk stuff. It truly felt like a new style of music when I first heard it a while back. Quick rundown: it’s music created for and in the slums, falevas, of Rio De Janeiro with its original inspiration coming from Miami bass I guess. Lots more to the story. It’s got all sorts of culture around it…super interesting. I don’t speak the language, and even if I did I imagine the slang used would be super far over my head - but I still dig it. Blender did a good write up, linked below, and Mad Decent posted three super classic tracks a while back…check them out here. Some intense new music for sure if you’ve never listened to it.