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I’m in South Africa, bitch!

So, there’s been rumors and speculation flying around for weeks as to why Dave Chapelle never showed up to tapings of “The Chapelle Show” for which he recently inked a $50 million dollar deal…everything from drugs to too much partying and drinking has been considered, but apparently he just went over to South Africa. From this article and other interviews I’ve seen with him, when you cut the comedy and the fame out, he’s a really smart dude. Really down to earth and intellectual guy. Just sounds like he wants to get away, breathe, enjoy life, and take a break from the non-stop life I’m sure he gets caught up in being an A-list celebrity. We love Dave Chapelle and if we have to wait for the 3rd season, I’m sure it will be worth it. What can I say about your jacket that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan? Bombed and depleted.