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I’m headed out to spend $4.11 a gallon on gas…

Ha. Wow. Crazy isn’t it? I had this whole post idea in my mind about this…about how I was going to rant a bit about the lack of proactive innovation, etc. How I’m so amazed we are STILL using technology from 100+ years ago to go simply get places - but 15 years ago no one used email on a daily basis!! How amazing it is that owning a car wasn’t an even an option for 95% (maybe more?) of people less than 80-90 years ago…and now vehicles/cars have, in a lot of ways, completely reshaped America and its way of thinking. So, ha…maybe that was the rant right there. Sorry. Here’s my thing though…plain and simple: The market always wins. $4.11 a gallon is actually cheap compared to some places in the US, and its certainly cheaper than it is in Europe. People are not going to be able to afford it soon, for real this time. This whole ‘pain at the pump’ is THE best driver of innovation. I think the new industries, companies, thought processes, and products we’re going to see from innovative minds in the next 10 years will make all the dot-com stuff that has happened over the past 10-15 years look tiny. If we think some young kid like Zuckerburg creating a website now valued at $10-15B is a big deal…I think we’re going to be stunned at the new wealth created for the people that figure out this whole car/transportation situation. It won’t the big auto companies that change how we travel. It’ll be someone tinkering in their garage/dorm room, like it always has been. ***In the mean time, check out Tesla Motors.