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I’m going to St. Barths…and I need your help!

I just typed like three or four different opening sentences for this post…and deleted each one. Hard post to start, cause I can’t believe I’m even going…so nuts! So yeah, St. Barths for New Years and a couple other islands before then (I finally get to see Virgin Gorda!!)...again I just can’t believe I’m going. Anyway, that aside…I need some help from all the super-savvy traveler types that read our site. We don’t ask favors too often…but I need some suggestions on where to be and what to do while in St. Barths. I’ve researched on the web, forums, etc but most of that stuff is all the clubby or like honeymoon type stuff. I’m looking for the relaxed ‘real’ spots to eat, hang, late-night party, shop, etc. And even they are a little touristy, I’m interested in the ‘you-have-to-visit-while-your-there’ spots as well. So any help what-so-ever would be very much appreciated…I’ll be blogging live while I’m on the trip as much as I can giving updates here and photos on our Flickr page. “Drinks with Russell at 6pm? Sounds good…” ha.