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I got a Blackberry 8800…

What a weekend here in GR…super nice. Little patio beer and pizza session with the Premier crew, so nice to be outside. Speaking of getting in touch with nature and leaving the stresses of life behind – I got a Blackberry this weekend. The 8800 from Cingular. First off, its just really well built, feels great in your hand, easy to type on, once you’ve got the nav figured out it makes perfect sense, etc. It’s my first Blackberry as I have had all the Treo’s since they were worth having…in fact I’ve owned 9 different Treo’s I believe. 600, 650, and 700p…not exactly dependable phones. But yeah, the Blackberry is certainly built for heavy email/messaging use, and the browser isn’t bad either…2 things I’m pretty much addicted to having with me at all times. And I occasionally use the phone too, ha. Only complaint would be the delay in getting my POP email account I setup. Sometimes its just so slow…I should probably switch to Exchange. Anyone got any advice on that? So yeah, cheers furthering my addiction to email and all that. ***I figured it out! the power of email forwarding and changing my ‘reply to’ on the Blackberry setup page…true push email. Not exactly a break-through. Ha, email nerd-out!