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I commissioned an oil painting from Dennis Nagelkirk!

I got my first original Dennis Nagelkirk painting about 6-7 months ago, maybe even longer, as a gift. Some very generous mentors of mine knew I liked his stuff and grabbed me a smaller one from a gallery/restaurant we would eat at for meetings…and pretty much ever since then I have become a bit obsessed with owning original artwork. Specifically photo-realistic oil paintings as Dennis does. Lucky for me, Dennis is a local artist and I have been able to both get to know him as a person as well as commission a painting from him…which is really, honestly, one of the more ‘thrilling’ things I have done in a long time. Having something made for you personally by an artist you admire is one hell of an experience. The final product??? Mind blowing…a 6x6ft oil + linseed painting of a crushed Diet Coke can. His work is amazing. This picture I took in his studio of the final piece doesn’t do it justice…but you get a feel for the size and scale. I’ve been waiting 5 months to make this post!!! I love it. Check the link below…