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I Chunk Up The Deuce!

It’s been a warm minute since I did an ignorant post about some ‘new joint’ I’m liking. I love this southern stuff…just doesn’t get old to me. Simple beats, screwed hooks, and talking about wood steering wheels, slabs, ‘dripping’ paint, screens falling, diamond slugged grills, popped neon trunks (hater hurter), 5th wheels, 84s, drinking barre, etc… Something about the whole scene in Houston is refreshing to me. Like, doesn’t seem as intense, or maybe serious, as all the other coasts…its just bragging, fun, party music…pure entertainment to me. And the lack of violent-type (no plexing!) stuff…to a certain degree. **Anyway team, check this new track with Paul Wall, Keke, Pimp C and Bun…I just had two cheese dogs and a side of fries. Wifi at the hot dog spot on Ionia. *From Chuck: I saw Bun B at O’Hare airport a few weeks ago. He bought about $24 worth of magazines and I saw him take his shoes off in the security line and walk in his socks. Wow.