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I can post anything I want… J. Crew model girls!

You can add this post to the ‘really random’ folder. I don’t care man…ha, I can post whatever I want. And matter of fact, we used to make a lot more random-type posts. So, I’m not really like an ‘oogler-googler’ over the ladies…mainly cause I’m stupid picky. Whatever. I mean, unless its St. Barths, which is just…something else man, wowzers. I guess I have an appreciation for understated beauty…enter J. Crew model girls. Now the reality is, their clothes fit pretty poorly, its a ‘mall’ brand, and their demographic is actually pretty corny…but all that aside, lets live in the catalog world they’ve created for a minute, dream with me. Without question, the best ‘curated’ female models for a brand with sweaters under $100…ever. I get their little catalogs in my mail box every month or so, and I’m always stunned at their photos/models for the women’s collection. It’s this perfectly created alternate reality with yellow trench coats, skinny jeans, flats, perfect fitting stripped cardigans and classically beautiful girls that don’t wear make-up casually enjoying life with their only concern being which sailboat they’ll be taking a sunset cruise on. Like the quintessential ‘good life’ you know? Ha…this has got to be one of the weirdest posts I’ve ever made. Nothing wrong with appreciating really beautiful girls mixed with good branding. Bottom line is, J. Crew is killing the catalog and model curating game - they build such a perfect image. Other brands take note. ***Quick disclaimer: their mens line is a 6 out of 10…step it up.