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I, and so did Chuck, got the new MacBook..!

Chuck got the Pro and I got the regular MacBook. I’m always evangelizing Apple, so I figured I’d throw a post up with my thoughts on the machine. First things, first, yes…the aluminum uni-body enclosure is simply beautiful. Almost doesn’t look like metal its so precise. It looks just as amazing closed as it does open. Now, I’m coming from the MacBook Air, and I’ll be totally honest in that the MacBook Air still wins in design contest, its pretty hard to beat. And the light weight mixed with the same uni-body enclosure makes the Air actually feel more sturdy for some reason. Anyway, that being said…the MacBook is on like a whole other planet compared with the plastic ones before it. I was talking with my friend Nicolai the other day about future design/build direction for Apple noptebooks…the question was, ‘what else can they change??’ They might make it thinner a bit, maybe lighter, obviously faster, etc. But from a pure design standpoint, what more can you really change? Its largely made from a single milled piece of aluminum. Can’t get much cleaner/simpler than that, you know? Plus Apple has an iconic computer in the aluminum Pro of past, and even these new ones don’t look too much different…so why change? These computers are almost becoming the Eames Lounge or Nelson Bench of computing. And I dig that. So I’ve swathed on the praises…but, my battery cover thing does rattle a bit, they should have made it over thicker material. ***Chuck, any thoughts on your Pro?? And Virgil, did you get yours??

Chuck: Loving mine so far…at first I was a little unsure of the super glossy screen, but it’s proven to really be no big deal. Only problem? I didn’t spend all that money on a new laptop to have a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. So I’ll be bringing it back in to the store to see what they can do about that. Maybe not a big deal for some people, but when you’re doing design on it, it can be a real annoyance. Other than that, this thing is so perfectly designed, so quiet, so quick. I can’t recommend it more.

Virgil: When they dropped I was traveling, no time to make it to the Apple store and was initially hoping for something a bit more “fashion” forward with the design…I was hoping it woulda come in black, something stunning. In any event its a slick machine, I have used one of my friends and its cool. I think that trackpad clicking thing would take some getting used to. It’s an inevitable purchase, I am just stalling…that Canon G10 and that Blackberry Bold are calling my name in the technology department…