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I am seasoned, Haters giving me them salty looks….Lawrys!!!

Ha, I am not done yet…and people thought Kenny Chensey was gonna out sell them both. People placed bets that Kanye would easily be behind 50. What an interesting moment for hip hop. However being number 1 isn’t really the goal, Stadium Status is the real goal, worldwide. Anywho this post is really about pictures from the weekend and all the cool-guy-whistle-blowing goin on about the GOODLIFE video. Compare the creative director (So Me) and directors (Jonas & Francois) in the credits of D.A.N.C.E. then ask yourself what the big deal is. HA. I guess they bit their own style. Indie mentality kills me. Once I find my camera chord I’ll post a couple pictures from the VMA, Graduation Day run. He’s trying to do pre-internet numbers so everyone re-up their burned copy and be GOOD.