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917 small!!!

Is for mature audiences only, NSFW, etc, etc. NER*D first single “Everyone Nose” just dropped. Love this song. Love the video, love the vision. Perfect intergration of whats really goin on and a banging song. “All the girls standing in a line for the bathroom….Hey! Hey!” And the KAWS mascot…fresh. To cap it off, the super internet move to create the website, genius. Why not…its so cheap and makes the videos impact last longer. It would be even cooler was if they liscensed a bunch of different kids in different cities across the world to use to host their party photos. Party photographers are everywhere, aren’t they. There a tons now. I love that they exist, looking back at these times in 20 years will be so easy will be fun. I always wonder tho, like for DJs and artist does it get annoying to have the same camreas pointed in your face all the time? Then you gotta come out with some wierd expression which usually involves a wierd face, sunglasses at night and a middle finger. At some point its like, remember you came out tonight to party! So Spazz out, party now, blog later. I am just jealous cause I lost my camera, ha.