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How to make a zillion dollars screen-printing t-shirts!

I enjoyed this video here. Say what you want, but when it was younger, Bape was one incredible brand. This video is of some photo-shoot where Nigo is hand-screen printing those 1/100 ‘Bapexclusive’ shirts. So yeah, you look at the empire that was created from, in my opinion, a wildly creative man’s ideas and very little else. And it’s still, to this day, such a random thing to me…the whole ‘bathing ape’ thing is just nuts. As they have said: ‘a brand of nonsense.’ I guess the whole enigma of it all is how unfathomably successful the brand has been. I mean, even Jest of Alife, who has seen the brand go from tiny to huge, still holds a great amount of respect for it. So yeah…reminisce back to the good old days where seeing a Bape shirt on MTV would have made headlines on Superfuture. By the way…I actually own one of these hand-screened shirts, not an exact one in the video, but one of the hundred…if anyone is interested get at me. I have it framed in a ‘floating glass’ frame. A post about Bape. Thanks to Kevin @ Hypebeast for his post.