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Houston is hip-hop’s Seattle!

Awlready. So Rolling Stone has a rather large write-up on the huge Southern Hip Hop movement that has been happening as of late. Houston is hip-hop’s Seattle…that’s kind of wild to think about. Yes, I know Bun-B and everyone else have ‘been dope for years’…but let’s be honest, its really gaining popular exposure right now. And for good reason, its filled with all the cultural nuisances that made hip hop what it is today…the cars, the clothes, the slang, the jewelry, the swagger, the odd rituals and lifestyles. Like it or not, it is quite interesting to observe. Either way, check Rolling Stone’s thick write-up with culture commentary by Bun-B, Paul Wall and Slim Thug on everything from the lifestyle, the music, syrup, and more. It’s actually a really good article, well done. Check the actual magazine, but check the link below for a partial version of it. Chunk your deuces, drop your top, sit sideways…