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Hotel QT, Manhattan!

Fresh fresh. I haven’t even stayed here yet, but check me soon. I love when someone does this type of thing. An affordable, beautifully designed hotel in the middle of the best city world…right off Broadway on 45th street…for under $200 a night. Wow. Yeah, the rooms are said to be crazy small and the pool isn’t that deep. But yo, its in the middle of Manhattan and it has a pool, with a swim up bar, and it’s located…in the lobby. Wild. Free wifi, flat-screens in the rooms, sauna, steam room, pool side DJ at night, 24 hour front desk, etc, all that. Owned by André Balazs’s, designed by Lindy Roy. I can’t wait to check this place. I hope to see more of these hotels (shout out to Ace Hotel!) in cities across the world. I love that accessible design is becoming popular in the travel industry. Check the site, but google the place for better pictures, the place is beautiful.