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Hostels, get down with the get down!

Not sure why I titled the post that…whatever. Well, maybe because hostels let you get in with the actual ‘current’ of a city if you will. So I’m big into this site, Staying in cities for like $15-$40 a night and blending in with other like minded people…I love this. Usually when I vacation I stay at a rented condo or a nicer hotel because it’s a ‘vacation’ and I want to just relax. But you kind of feel like your missing out on a more ‘real’ experience, you know? I think this especially holds true for visiting foreign countries…for example, at the link below, a listing of nice hostels in London, England. A bunch of them have ‘huge hangout rooms’ equipped with plasma TVs, internet access, pool tables, and just general ‘hangout’ ammenties…all promoting meeting and connecting with like minded people on like minded adventures. I’m into this. I’m even warming up to the idea of the whole dorm room setup…I mean, maybe a little awkward at first but a bit of an adventure right? I want to do Rome and London in the next 6-8 months mingled in with the other trips I’m taking. Cheap flights, super cheap accommodations, and a more adventurous approach to travel. I’ll even leave my nice luggage at home. Anybody from London that could recommend the best one? Email us/me. I got dibs on the top bunk!!