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Holga Cameras…they’re plastic and huge!

These things are too cool. While vacationing this past weekend my friend (who is neck-deep into photography) pulls out this huge crazy looking all plastic camera…that weighed like next to nothing. It’s was a Holga without a flash. ‘Holga’...does it get any more German? Actually really well designed or over-designed perhaps – like the super chunky classic German-engineered setup, seriously, love it. What’s really wild about them though is the super trippy pictures they take…which are in medium format. Check the Wikipedia link below for examples or search Flickr – but basically they are totally over saturated with color, while looking kind of blown-out at the same time…the results just remind me of what I think the early 70s would have felt like, ha – maybe not. Either way, I took a whole roll, haven’t gotten them developed yet but I’ll post the results on our Flickr page.