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Hip Hop Colony!!!

‘Kenya is not just about lions, giraffes and fast running men…it’s also about studios and hip-hop!’ This is the tagline for my man Michael Wanguhu’s new independent film ‘Hip Hop Colony’. With MTV taking on Africa as a hot new market this year and a lot of focus being put on African hip-hop, Michael is at the top of the game with his film. I had a chance to meet Michael when he was in Chicago a few months back and he is very passionate about what he’s doing with this film and it really is important to check it out and educate yourself on this historic movement that’s going on over there. The next screening for ‘Hip Hop Colony’ is June 24 at 3pm in Houston - more info and news updates here. THE BRILLIANCE! loves ‘Hip Hop Colony’ and Michael Wanguhu. News sites/editors out there - PLEASE spread the word on this. It needs and deserves attention and press FAR more than those goofy new limited edition Dunks you’re getting all giddy about. OK!